Partnerships & Sponsorships

We partnered with Jillian Bruschera of Mobile Mill to host a Papermaking Workshop at Uptown Studios during Design Week 2022. Photo Credit: Tra Huynh of Two Twenty Photos

Capitol Creative Alliance is a 100% volunteer-driven organization. Our efforts are sustained through our amazing team of volunteers, partners, and sponsors. We have been fortunate to build strong, lasting relationships with businesses and organizations like Position, Honey, AAF Sacramento, Urban Hive, Urban Roots, Mobile Mill, Uptown Studios, Growth Factory, and more over the past few years.

Sponsorships are a great way for businesses to invest in our work and reach our local creative community. Interested? Reach out to Amanda Sanchez, our Executive Director, to find out more and get started.

Partnerships allow us to work closely with local creatives, organizations and businesses to amplify our mission and vision. We currently collaborate with AAF Sacramento, Urban Hive, Urban Roots, Growth Factory and more on our programs and services. Interested in partnering with us? Reach out to Faith McKinnie, our Community Engagement Director, to get started.