CCA is a union of four local creative groups — Creativity+, Design Sacramento, Roseville UX and Sac DESCO. Each group has been building the community that we longed to see in the greater Sacramento region. Our years spent growing this community gives us a deeper understanding of their needs, and of the needs of the Sacramento region.

We’ve come together to be a hub for our members and to make our programming more accessible; to foster more impactful events and build a rich and supportive community; and to advocate for the creative economy with one voice. 


Champion and inspire the creative community to build a thriving Sacramento Region.


Sacramento Region celebrates and values creativity and design.


Community: We bring creatives together.

Advocacy: We amplify our region’s creative capital for the benefit of all. 

Equity: We support the economic prosperity of creatives in our region.

Craft: We seek to inspire and elevate each other and the region.

Education: We provide ways to level up skills. 

Teamwork: We believe when creatives come together, anything is possible. 

Statement of diversity:

Our aim at Capitol Creative Alliance is to champion and inspire the creative community to build a thriving Sacramento Region. We create awareness of, and accessibility to, design paths and the regional workforce.  We empower designers from different communities, identities, and experiences to create a stronger and more creative environment and build a network of mutuality. We believe that everyone is an expert based on their lived experiences, and we all have unique and illuminating contributions to bring to the creative process and our larger community. We implement free or sliding scale programming to include inclusive opportunities for underrepresented youth and emerging BIPOC and LGBTQ+ designers.

Our effectiveness depends on diverse partnerships, achieving just and equitable relationships that cultivate mutually respectful engagement. Internally, our organization takes the relational approach to our various initiatives:  job placement, education and workforce programs, community outreach and networking. Promoting diversity both within and beyond CCA, in our leadership and in the members and partners we work with, is critical to upholding our values and achieving our goals toward a dynamic and equitable future